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A revolutionary OOH and DOOH advertising platform with trafic analytics

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What is Adizzi?

An intuitive system for management and purchase outdoor advertising – Out of Home and Digital Out of Home. Thanks to us, you can carry out marketing campaigns in one place more effectively, easier and cheaper. You will receive a report on its effectiveness before buying and also personalize it according to a lot of options.

For whom?

  • For media owners who want to sell them effectively in a global network.

  • For companies that want to outsource outdoor advertising cheaper, faster and in one place.


Thanks to us you will discover new possibilities of using the outdoor advertisement. Easier, cheaper and all in one place.

Cloud of all media

In one place you will get the advertising offer of many companies, you will commission a marketing campaign in a transparent and friendly way.

Reach reports

Before starting & implementing a marketing campaign, get to know the cost and coverage report. All this in an eye-friendly form.


A convenient system for managing and cataloging your advertising media. Thanks to our CRM you will increase the attractiveness of your offer. All this using new technologies.

Big Data

Thanks to using Big Data you will learn new possibilities of personalizing marketing campaigns and increase their reach.

A smart and easy way to buy and sell outdoor advertising

Still not convinced?


This is how much you can even overpay for outdoor advertising

With us you can save money without losing anything on the visibility of your advertising campaign.


Estimated global loss due to ad blocking

Use outdoor advertising which, thanks to us, can be as simple and configurable as online advertising and cannot be blocked.

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